Mental Health Education

As a community advocate, The Lutheran Foundation is purposeful in initiating the discussion about mental wellness in the faith community. As the body of Christ, we are uniquely suited to extend care, comfort and support to people struggling with mental health issues. However, our first challenge is overcoming the stigma that keeps people from reaching for help.

Educational Opportunities

The Lutheran Foundation regularly hosts seminars and educational opportunities that cross the faith and mental health communities. 

  • The Companionship Workshop is a three-hour course that teaches communities how to compassionately act on their concern for others. This course provides an effective approach to the practice of mental health ministry through which any caring human being can reach out and help another who is in distress. Participants will learn:
    • The five practices of Companionship
    • Skills to listen consciously and with openness
    • Skills to maintain an awareness of limits and boundaries
    • Skills to ease the isolation these difficulties often bring
    Workshop date: Feb. 24, 2020. The Lutheran Foundation will pay $10 of the $50 fee for this workshop for the first 30 people who register. Registration deadline: February 20. Click here to learn more and register.

  • The 2-day Companionship Instructor Training will teach how to be an advocate for the community and teach others the Model of Companionship. Participants in this training will walk away as Instructors with the skills, tools and support needed to successfully bring Companionship to their communities and effectively communicate the transformational power of moving from transactional engagement to relational engagement.

    Training dates: February 24-25. Registration for the Instructor Training includes registration for the Workshop! The Lutheran Foundation will pay $250 of the $1,000 fee for the first four registrants. Registration deadline: February 20. Click here to learn more and register.

  • The FREE Structuring Your Church for Mission seminar will help you review your church structure and give you better alignment for mission. This two-hour seminar, led by author, speaker and process consultant Kurt Bickel, will introduce church leaders to evaluating their church structures in order to clarify decisions and gain better alignment for mission.

    Attendees will receive a copy of the book Structure Your Church for Mission by Kurt Bickel and Les Stroh, as well as Till We Meet Again, which includes 10 strategies for empowering your church meetings.

    Seminar date: March 5. Advance registration is required, by March 2. Click here to learn more and register.

Online Resources is a comprehensive resource that offers easy access to a wealth of mental and behavioral health information, a searchable database of service providers, information about upcoming events, and access to 24/7 help.

2019 Look Up Faith Conference on Mental Health 

We recently hosted the 2019 Look Up Faith Conference on Mental Health a one-day event attended by nearly 700 people who convened to learn approaches for addressing mental wellness and reducing stigma around mental illness. Keynote speakers Kay Warren of Saddleback Church and Warren Kinghorn of Duke Divinity School joined other faith leaders from across the nation who taught and encouraged pastors, ministry staff, lay leaders, youth workers, counselors, educators and anyone interested in being a voice in mental health awareness in the faith community.