Mental Health Education

As a community advocate, The Lutheran Foundation is purposeful in initiating the discussion about mental wellness in the faith community. As the body of Christ, we are uniquely suited to extend care, comfort and support to people struggling with mental health issues. However, our first challenge is overcoming the stigma that keeps people from reaching for help.

2022 LookUp Conference on Faith & Mental Health 

In May 2022, we hosted the 2022 Look Up Conference on Faith & Mental Health, a one-day event attended by more than 400 people who convened to learn approaches for addressing mental wellness and reducing stigma around mental illness. Keynote speakers Dr. Holly Oxhandler, author of The Soul of the Helper, and contemporary Christian recording artist Danny Gokey joined other faith leaders from across the nation who taught and encouraged pastors, ministry staff, lay leaders, youth workers and other church leaders who had or were interested in starting a mental health ministry.

This was the third mental health conference hosted by The Lutheran Foundation since 2017.

Educational Opportunities

The Lutheran Foundation regularly hosts seminars and educational opportunities that cross the faith and mental health communities. Check back for future training opportunities. is a comprehensive resource that offers easy access to a wealth of mental and behavioral health information, a searchable database of service providers, information about upcoming events, and access to 24/7 help.