Fund Management

Endowment Services Program

The Lutheran Foundation established an Endowment Services Program to invest funds on behalf of our Lutheran congregations, schools and ministries. Endowment fund participants can access information online by using DonorCentral. This access provides information regarding fund balances, contributions, disbursements (paid and pending) and is updated monthly.

Statements for the previous month will be available on DonorCentral by the 25th of the current month. The only exception to this is the June statements which are delayed due to The Lutheran Foundation’s fiscal year-end audit.

To access an existing Endowment Fund account, click the DonorCentral button below.

Restricted Funds

The Lutheran Foundation manages a variety of restricted funds, healthcare and nursing scholarships funds, Heart and Kidney Transplant Patient Assistance Funds, and estate funds. Disbursements are made according to guidelines established for each fund.


The Lutheran Foundation accepts donations to restricted and unrestricted funds. Unrestricted funds are used for our charitable grantmaking.

For additional information about the Endowment Services Program, Restricted Funds or Donations, email Terri Kortokrax or call (260) 458-2110.