Mental illness is often ignored or treated with shame. But it simply shouldn’t be that way. Mental well-being is critical for whole-person health.

That’s why The Lutheran Foundation is committed to investing in and advocating for mental health and wellness in northeastern Indiana. We have a passion to equip partners with the same mission—to offer spiritual, mental, and physical healing. By supporting organizations who share our passion and promoting resources, we’ve become a key voice in advocating for mental wellness. Because let’s face it—there’s a serious gap in services for people who need mental health care the most.

With the Look Up initiative, The Lutheran Foundation is standing in that gap. We started by simply opening up the conversation about mental wellness. Now, we're working hard to bring help and hope to those who need it, and break through the stigmas that surround mental illness. Here are a few examples of what this advocacy campaign does:

  • When we push for state funding that provides more beds in transitional housing recovery programs, we Look Up.
  • When we fund the Get Schooled Tour in high schools throughout the region, so that no student carries the burden of a "secret struggle," we Look Up.
  • When we invite the nation's top experts on mental health in the faith community to our city for a day-long Look Up Faith Conference on Mental Health filled with meaningful discussion and intensive learning, we Look Up.
  • When we fund Youth Mental Health First Aid training, counsel a pastor on his church's first venture into creating a support group, and provide grant funding so students can attend life-changing summer camp, we Look Up.

Let's Look Up together. Check out, a comprehensive online resource that includes information, support and providers for anyone wanting to find help, locate information, or help others on their path to mental wellness.