Young Clinton Remedy fm2

2007 to Present -

It took only a brief introduction to the appalling lyrics on her grandson’s favorite hip-hop radio station for Char Binkley to know something had to be done. After months of research, the long-time Executive Director of WBCL Christian radio committed to establishing a web-based radio station geared to teens and young adults.

On Oct. 18, 2007, began broadcasting online, drawing hundreds of thousands of listeners from across the globe. As part of a three-year commitment, The Lutheran Foundation provided $50,000 in start-up funding to get off the ground. But that was just the beginning of TLF’s support for Remedy.

“We’re not as committed to the music as we are to our relationship with the listener,” said Clinton Faupel, the station’s general manager, in 2007. The goal was to chat with teens about life issues they were struggling with.

In September 2011, the station changed its name to RemedyLIVE and launched a live chat feature that gave teens and young adults an opportunity to reach out to trained Soul Medics via text or chat.

Plus, in 2016, RemedyLIVE introduced the Get Schooled Tour, a high-energy mental health-focused program that visits middle schools and high schools. By using live, interactive polling, dynamic content and engaging videos, the Get Schooled team connects well with students and provides hope and connection for youth who are dealing with secret struggles.

"Without The Lutheran Foundation we would not be who we are today,” says Faupel. “Their investment 14 years ago has helped us reach hundreds of thousands of youth and adults who found themselves in secret struggles and didn’t know where to turn. Because of the Foundation’s investment in our technological based outreach, suicides have been prevented, mental health stigma has been reduced, and our organization has indeed been able to provide the remedy of Jesus Christ’s love to many, many people.”