2004 - Francine's Friends

For Francine Schubert’s friends, the mission was clear: to make early detection of breast cancer available to every woman in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area, regardless of her ability to pay.

Francine was a beloved member of the community whose exuberance and commitment to important causes was an inspiration to many. After she succumbed to breast cancer, her friends were determined honor the passion she brought to everything she did, and to do so by making mammograms readily available to women in the community, regardless of their ability to pay.

The result was Francine’s Friends, 40-foot mobile mammography unit that was the first of its kind in northeast Indiana. Parkview Regional Cancer Center and Breast Diagnostic Center provided staffing and operations, while The Lutheran Foundation and numerous community partners contributed to the project’s launch.

Seventeen years later, Francine’s Friends Mobile Mammography continues to travel to a wide variety of community and business sites, making it convenient for women to get mammograms by bringing the diagnostic equipment to where they live and work. Tens of thousands of women have benefited from Francine’s Friends. Francine would be honored at this legacy!