Partnering with the Lutheran Community Grants

How do I apply for a grant for my congregation, school, or ministry organization?

A representative of the organization requesting the grant must first attend a grant workshop, where our staff provide information about the application process. As of 2017, attendance at one of these workshop is required in order to submit a grant request. They are held at the beginning of each grant cycle. For more information and instructions on how to register for a grant workshop, go here.

Does my congregation, school, or ministry organization have to be Lutheran in order to receive a grant from The Lutheran Foundation?

For a Partnering with a Lutheran Community Grant, yes. However, as long as you’re seeking funding for an idea or initiative that aligns with our mission of promoting the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of our community, you are eligible to apply for a Building a Healthier Community Grant.

Why is the minimum amount of a grant request $5,000?

The Lutheran Foundations believes we can best serve Northeast Indiana by investing in ideas and initiatives that require a financial commitment of $5,000 or more.

How do I access a concept paper or grant application from a previous cycle?

If you wish to access a concept paper or grant application within the grant portal that is no longer being accepted, you can do so by sending a copy of it to yourself via email by clicking the email icon for the concept paper or grant application you wish to view.