System of Care

It can be downright daunting to navigate the mental health and addiction services that are available in northeast Indiana, because these services are often not well connected. In an effort to improve the access to and quality of behavioral and mental health services for youth and families, the State of Indiana's Department of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA) has created System of Care, a program to ensure that Indiana citizens have access to quality mental health and addiction services that promote individual, family and community resiliency and recovery.

Two staff members at The Lutheran Foundation serve as System of Care Coordinators in northeast Indiana. They focus on building relationships, connecting caregivers and building alliances so that people who need help can access a coordinated network of services. As personal advocates, they want to make sure people receive seamless, compassionate care.

For more information on System of Care in northeast Indiana, contact:

Kylie Riecken - Allen County