Regional Mental Health Coalition of Northeast Indiana

The Lutheran Foundation’s Mental and Behavioral Health Needs Assessment recommended forming a regional advocacy body to speak to both policy and larger structural issues in mental and behavioral health, as well as to combat the stigma associated with them.

In response, The Lutheran Foundation formed and launched the Regional Mental Health Coalition of Northeast Indiana. The inaugural meeting, co-hosted by The Lutheran Foundation and Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry, took place on March 29, 2016. Over 80 people attended.

Serving ten northeast Indiana counties, the Coalition is led by a 25-member Leadership Council consisting of regional experts, including leaders from government, mental health, healthcare, judicial, education, faith-based, and workplace communities. This Council works to ensure collaboration of efforts between entities, assists in the development of campaigns to reduce stigma, and advocates for policy and systemic changes.

The Coalition utilizes an online project management tool to organize and manage projects and initiatives, and to effectively communicate with Coalition members in a timely manner.

For more information about this Coalition, contact Kristina Johnson at