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Building A Healthier Community Grant | The Lutheran Foundation

Building A Healthier Community

Grants for Community Organizations

Building A Healthier Community Grant

Grant Overview

A healthy community is one that promotes positive spiritual, mental and physical well-being. The Lutheran Foundation is committed to building healthier communities by investing in organizations whose purpose is to address the root cause of health needs in our communities.

Focus Areas

  • Perpetuate emotional well-being by elevating community awareness and understanding that mental and behavioral health conditions are common, can be debilitating, and are responsive to treatment.
  • Promote early screening, diagnosis and treatment to improve and integrate mental and behavioral care with primary care.
  • Provide access for uninsured or underinsured individuals for physical, mental and/or behavioral health care.
  • Personalize connections with vulnerable individuals emphasizing resiliency, coping skills, and self-worth.
    1. Register to attend a Grant Workshop (not required)
    2. Review Focus Areas to ensure your organization aligns with The Lutheran Foundation.
    3. Application MUST be submitted by March 1 (noon).
    4. Application including additional required documentation must be submitted by the deadline.
    5. Applications are reviewed and The Lutheran Foundation's Board of Directors makes final decisions on grant awards.

As a grant recipient, you are required to complete reporting requirements throughout the grant period. For information on required reports and deadlines, please reference the Grant Agreement.

Progress Report

  • Download and complete the Progress Report-Financial
  • Login to the grant portal to access the Progress Report Narrative
  • Complete the narrative portion and upload completed financial report prior to submitting.

Final Reports

  • Download and complete the BHC Final Report-Financial.
    • The information on the financial report must align with the information on the Budget Update submitted.
    • Any variance must be explained for each line item on the report.
  • Login to the grant portal to access the Final Report Narrative.
  • Complete the narrative portion and upload the completed financial report prior to submitting.
  • Any incorrect or incomplete reports will affect the release of payments or consideration of future requests.
Application Deadline Decision Date
March 1 (noon) June 30

If the grant deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, it is extended to the next business day at noon.

Notification of the grant decision will be emailed by the 10th of the following month.


Email or call 260.458.2112


Attend a Grant Workshop