Grants for Community Organizations

Building A Healthier Community Grant

Grant Overview

A healthy community is one that promotes positive spiritual, mental and physical well-being. The Lutheran Foundation is committed to building healthier communities by investing in organizations whose purpose is to address the root cause of health needs in our communities.

Focus Areas

  • Perpetuate emotional well-being by elevating community awareness and understanding that mental and behavioral health conditions are common, can be debilitating, and are responsive to treatment.
  • Promote early screening, diagnosis and treatment to improve and integrate mental and behavioral care with primary care.
  • Provide access for uninsured or underinsured individuals for physical, mental and/or behavioral health care.
  • Personalize connections with vulnerable individuals emphasizing resiliency, coping skills, and self-worth.
    1. Register to attend a Grant Workshop (not required)
    2. Review Focus Areas to ensure your organization aligns with The Lutheran Foundation.
    3. Application MUST be submitted by March 1 (noon).
    4. Application including additional required documentation must be submitted by the deadline.
    5. Applications are reviewed and The Lutheran Foundation's Board of Directors makes final decisions on grant awards.

As a grant recipient, you are required to complete reporting requirements throughout the grant period. For information on required reports and deadlines, please reference the Grant Agreement.

Progress Report

  • Download and complete the Progress Report-Financial
  • Login to the grant portal to access the Progress Report Narrative
  • Complete the narrative portion and upload completed financial report prior to submitting.

Final Reports

  • Download and complete the BHC Final Report-Financial.
    • The information on the financial report must align with the information on the Budget Update submitted.
    • Any variance must be explained for each line item on the report.
  • Login to the grant portal to access the Final Report Narrative.
  • Complete the narrative portion and upload the completed financial report prior to submitting.
  • Any incorrect or incomplete reports will affect the release of payments or consideration of future requests.
Application Deadline Decision Date
March 1 (noon) June 30

Notification of the grant decision will be emailed by the 10th of the following month.


Email or call 260.458.2112


Attend a Grant Workshop