Spiritual First Aid Plus

The Lutheran Foundation is partnering with the Humanitarian Disaster Institute to offer Spiritual First Aid Plus training, a step-by-step approach to emotional and spiritual care during COVID-19, disasters, and other crises.

Developed through 15 years of research, this Biblically based intervention will equip you to humbly provide peer-to-peer support to those who are struggling. This course is designed to be used by church leaders, lay leaders, and first responders.

Spiritual First Aid training is ideal for LERT/Disaster response teams, Comfort Dog ministry teams, Habitat for Humanity/Laborers for Christ, Parish Health teams, and any ministry team doing outreach.

Part 1: Complete the online portion of the course individually at your own pace between now and April 29, 2021
Part 2: Participate in the interactive virtual presentation on May 6, 2021 from 1:00-5:00 pm EST, presented by:

  • Dr. Jamie Aten, Founder and Co-Director of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College and
  • Kent Annan, Co-Director of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute and Director of Humanitarian & Disaster Leadership at Wheaton College
February 01, 12:00 am
May 06, 1:00 pm