Companionship Workshop

Companionship is a practice of presence, a relationship responding to isolation or distress and supportive of healing and recovery by building a circle of care with individuals who are facing emotional and mental health challenges.

This four-hour Companionship Workshop will help you gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to move into genuine relationships with people in need. Participants will learn ways to embody these 5 Practices of Companionship:

  1. Hospitality: Creating safe space and respecting the dignity, humanity, and agency of the other
  2. Neighboring: Leveling power dynamics to walk together on the same plane
  3. Side-by-Side: Respecting the agency or capacity of the other by walking alongside of them without confronting, or pressuring or taking over their situation
  4. Listening: Listening with openness and the belief that we each have something to learn from the other
  5. Accompaniment: Helping the other in specific ways without overstepping our limits

Participants will learn how to honor personal boundaries and limits throughout such work and to understand the depth at which Companionship has the power to shift a person’s perspective and life. The goal is to provide communities with the tools to listen consciously to the stories and difficulties of others, to enable at least a momentary reprieve from adversity, and to encourage strengthening for the journey ahead.

Register by 5pm on September 9. The $16 registration fee covers all materials.

September 13, 8:00 am
September 13, 12:00 pm

The Lutheran Foundation
3024 Fairfield Ave., Fort Wayne