Tlf wellness

What it means to look up and see beyond.

Our roots are embedded in wellness.

When our organization was first born, it grew out of a legacy of caring for the physical health needs of our community. In fact, the money that paved the way for The Lutheran Foundation came from the proceeds of the sale of the original Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne in 1995.

Then, in 2013, we saw that local health needs stretched past the physical. There was a real lack of mental health support in our area. That void blossomed into our Look Up initiative, which is still a large part of The Lutheran Foundation’s focus today.

Our goal is to help everyone in the 10-county area that we serve to feel their best, in all aspects of their lives. We believe that should include spiritual, mental and physical wellness.

Our mission is to educate, equip and provide resources for individuals who are struggling in any of those areas. Additionally, we reach out to people who are in a position to help those who are struggling.

Learn how we’ve assisted members of our community on this journey over the past 25 years. Hear their personal stories of how they looked up—and saw beyond.

2000 – Relocation grants for Visiting Nurse, SCAN & Neighborhood Health Clinics

2018 to Present - The Landing

1998 - Transitioning Lutheran College of Health Professions to St. Francis College

1998 - The Carriage House

2019 - New Rescue Mission

2010 to Present - Gethsemane At The Table

2017 to Present – Matthew 25 mental health services

2001 to Present - Hope Alive

2007 to Present -

2017 / 2019 / 2022 - SpeakUp & LookUp Conferences

2018 - Senate Enrolled Act 510

2019 - HART

2008 to Present - Nursing and Health Profession Scholarships

2013 – The Center for Whitley County Youth

2006 – Children’s Village

2019 – Comfort Dog Ministry

2002 & 2005 – Indiana University School of Medicine – Fort Wayne

2014 - Regional Mental and Behavioral Health Needs Assessment

2005 to Present – Wings of Hope/Redemption House

1999 to Present - Maxine Rippe Award

2006 – St. Augustine Lutheran Church African Immigrant ministry

2004 - Francine's Friends

2000 - Celebrating God's Gifts banner

2006 - Lutheran Park and Gardens

2007 - Lutheran Camps