TLF CEO Marcia Haaff named Community Partner of the Year!

From Dr. Deb McMahan, Allen County Health Commissioner

“Finding solutions for the public health problems our community faces requires us to have many strong partnerships throughout the community. We can only make progress when we work in conjunction with orgaizations who are willing to work hard and dedicated resources to make change in meaningful ways throughout the community. We have been blessed to have many partners who work alongside us to make significant improvements throughout Allen County.

The work you have done at The Lutheran Foundation is a perfect example of this partnership needed to make lasting change. This is why we would like to honor you and The Lutheran Foundation as our Community Partner of the Year.

Your ongoing dedication and support of the communities’ public health and mental well-being is critical to the goal of making all Allen County residents better understand mental health and learn how to seek treatment if needed. Please know we are grateful for everything you and The Lutheran Foundation have dedicated to improving our communities’ understanding of mental health and look forward to our continued partnership.”

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