Who We Are

Our Mission

The Lutheran Foundation is a Christ-centered ministry of the member Lutheran congregations in northeastern Indiana, dedicated to demonstrating the compassion of Christ by promoting, improving, and enhancing the quality of life of the individuals, families, congregations, and communities whom it serves.

Our Vision

We envision the people of northeast Indiana seizing opportunities to grow in Christ and actively living out the life God intended in their communities. By caring for people mentally, physically, and spiritually, we are following in Christ's footsteps - and encouraging a whole-person approach to health.

Our Values

We believe that when we work together to embody Christ’s love, we have the power to transform lives and heal our community. We encourage cooperation of business, grantmaking, religious, and charitable partners throughout the region. We invest in organizations, programs, and initiatives that represent our values, including:

Christ Centered

We give priority to organizations that demonstrate the love of Christ by who they are, and by what they do and say.


We invest in organizations that refuse to engage in one-way charity and erode human dignity by doing for others what they have the ability to do themselves.

Strategic Partnerships

We leverage our grantmaking to foster strategic partnerships in support of effective approaches to solutions addressing unmet community needs. We are eager to collaborate with organizations that share our values, interests and goals, the leaders of which demonstrate a passion for their respective organizational purposes.


We understand that the resources we have are entrusted to us to manage wisely, invest strategically, and work faithfully in keeping with the mission and vision of our founders. We invest in organizations that responsibly use, allocate and redistribute our resources.


We expect partner organizations and their respective members to uphold the highest standards of personal accountability from the people they serve in maintaining their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


We invest in organizations that are strategic with established realistic goals, clear plans and manageable benchmarks, and demonstrated results. We recognize that lasting change requires our willingness to invest in and take risks on well-conceived ideas. We recognize the role that time, vision, tenacity, patience and persistence play in ongoing organizational growth. We also understand the value in learning from mistakes and using them to improve performance.


The organizations in which we invest have projects that can be replicated, demonstrated sustainability and enduring results that address the root cause of a problem, rather than merely alleviating the symptoms.