The Lutheran Foundation staff serve the Board of Directors and delegates of the member congregations. They are responsible for day-to-day operations and assisting in carrying out the vision laid out by the Board.

Marcia Haaff

Chief Executive Officer

260.458.2112 ext. 304

The Reverend Dennis Goff

Director of Ministry Programs

260.458.2112 ext. 314

Kristina Johnson

Director of Community Initiatives

260.458.2112 ext. 308

Terri Kortokrax

Grants Manager

260.458.2112 ext. 302

Kylie Riecken

System of Care Coordinator (Allen County)

260.458.2112 ext. 319

Robert M. Corral

System of Care Coordinator (Adams County)

260.458.2112 ext. 321

Sue Faust

Grants and Accounts Payable Coordinator

260.458.2112 ext. 316

Heather Hunley

Project Coordinator

260.458.2112 ext. 301

Tyler Lothamer

Facilities and Technology Coordinator

260.458.2112 ext. 312

Antoinette Hunter Hilliard

First Impression Specialist and Office Coordinator

260.458.2112 ext. 307